Publishing requires a different kind of expertise when it comes to children’s books and require investment to a topic specific team. Right at that point, ZNN Kids offers to be your best in class solution partner since ZNN:

  • Knows which books fit to which age groups,
  • Is an expert in child communication,
  • Stands firm on pedagogical and ethical principles,
  • Continuously follow up the trends and innovations in children’s world,
  • Is a trend setter,
  • Have good command of edutainment methods,
  • Represents global leaders of children’s books in Turkey,
  • Knows its market well,
  • Have been active in this field for a long time and developed an important track record & references.

Your partnership with ZNN kids eliminates the need for an internal department to meet all of these requirements. That way, ZNN offers your company a much more attractive investment opportunity.


For the new comers to children’s books segment:

We provide the following 5 different services for our clients aiming to penetrate to children’s books segment for the first time or to increase their market share. Our clients have the option to select from any them or get them all as a turnkey delivery service:


Editorial and marketing consultancy services for catalogue forming,
Editorial services to make right selection of books for the catalogue,
Translation services,
Editorial service of translation,
Forming design and publishing files,

ZNN Network especially evaluates the preschool and primary school student targeting book titles diligently, pedagogically scans them & defines the acquired benefits and completes the work once ZNN Network Children’s Content Advisory Board approves the entire process.